Being a sponsor and Philanthropist

Supporting Mental Well-being:

A Sponsorship Program for Psychotherapy


We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking sponsorship program aimed at increasing access to high-quality, trauma-specific psychotherapy services at low-cost payment level.

This program bridges the gap for individuals facing financial limitations, which would be not unusual for sufferers of (historical) traumas, who would otherwise struggle to afford essential, independent mental health support of their choice.

The sponsorship donations (minus 10% for advertising and admin) will fund 50 to 80% of the regular fee of Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions making them effectively a private low-cost Counselling and Psychotherapy service.

Sponsorship Tiers:

Our program offers three sponsorship tiers, each with distinct characteristics:

  • Category 1: Anonymous Sponsorship (private):

    • Sponsors in these category will remain completely anonymous throughout the process as will the clients unless the client wants to contact the sponsor.

    • They will make a monthly donation that contributes to a pool dedicated to supporting clients in need.

    • Our ethical review team will carefully select clients who demonstrate the greatest financial hardship and could benefit most from psychotherapy.

  • Category 2: Corporate Sponsorship

    • Corporate Sponsors will make a generous monthly donation in exchange for a listing on this and associated websites as well as social media posts.

    • Again, our ethical review team will carefully select clients who demonstrate the greatest financial hardship and could benefit most from psychotherapy. 

    • Will receive quarterly updates on the application of the funds.

  • Category 3: Sponsored Psychotherapy for a Known Beneficiary:

    • Sponsors in this category can choose to partially or fully fund psychotherapy sessions for a known individual, such as a family member or friend.

    • It's important to note that confidentiality only applies to the content of the therapy sessions themselves. The identity of the sponsor and beneficiary will be known to each other.

Ethical Considerations:

We prioritize ethical conduct in all aspects of this program. Here are some key principles we uphold:

  • Client Confidentiality: The content discussed during therapy sessions remains strictly confidential, regardless of the sponsorship category.

  • Needs-Based Selection: Our team utilizes a fair and ethical review process to determine which clients receive sponsored therapy, prioritizing those with the most significant financial need.

  • Transparency: We will provide regular updates on program utilization and impact, ensuring sponsors understand the positive outcomes they are enabling.

Become a Champion for Mental Health:

By becoming a sponsor, you play a vital role in fostering a community that prioritizes mental well-being for all. You will directly contribute to improving the lives of individuals who might otherwise struggle to access this crucial form of support.

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